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5 Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO

Perhaps, more than ever, businesses are now focused on getting SEO infused into their websites. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and we believe it is something that all business owners must learn. In fact, the importance of SEO is even greater for smaller businesses. It is the most affordable type of marketing that can give them a chance to rub shoulders with bigger companies. Thus, if you measure its importance based on what you can afford to budget, you may lose out on a huge opportunity. SEO should be seen as a lot more than just keywords

4 Signs Your Social Media Strategy isn’t Working

Honestly, building a loyal and engaging social media audience is tough yet, still the dream of many businesses. However, what happens when you invest so much effort required in building an effective social media strategy and yet still fail to get the desired results? Below are 4 ways you can tell your social media strategy isn’t working with suggested solutions: 1. Your Audience Stopped Growing What’s a brand without a growing following? Definitely, you’ll be expecting your social media marketing efforts to yield a steady following to the point where people who love your brand now recommend it to their

5 Golden Email Marketing Rules for Success

Lots of people have the wrong idea when it comes to email marketing. Many business owners fear they’ll only be spamming their customers and leads (since they also have been victims of spam emails themselves), as they totally ignore email marketing golden rules for success. These fears are quite natural, to be honest. Some unintelligent marketers have abused the email marketing medium. These dimwitted individuals purchase email addresses from willing vendors and just spam away with their email blast.  However, when managed professionally, email marketing is still one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. The major goal of your

9 Digital Marketing Metrics for Your Business

You’ve gained more followers on social media and an impressive number of visitors on your website last month. That’s fantastic. You can pat yourself on the back or even pop a bottle of champagne for a job well done. However, the job isn’t done just yet. You’ll need digital marketing metrics for your business to be sure these numbers translate into actual conversions or sales. Marketing metrics give you a comprehensive insight into how your digital strategy has performed. When well measured, they can help you understand how visitors react to your business and give you a clear picture of

5 Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads

Both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store have nearly 4 million apps available for download. Each day, more apps become available on the market. That’s why it is important, now more than ever for small businesses to prepare marketing strategies tailored to increase their mobile app downloads. These apps are spread through different categories so users have almost limitless options to choose from such as entertainment, mobile shopping, productivity, health, finances, and other services. This article discusses 5 tips you can use to boost downloads for your mobile apps. 1. Have an attractively designed app icon Consumers

Royal Mask-Up Lagos Community Outreach – Powered by Vexceed

On Friday, June 12, 2020, Vexceed Technologies Limited, a global digital engagement agency, executed the Royal Mask-Up Lagos CSR campaign on behalf of the Royal Electronics Group. To implement a fitting response to the community and stakeholders during this challenging time of the coronavirus pandemic, Royal Electronics Group turned to Vexceed Technologies Limited, to manage the production of its corporate social responsibility programs for the fiscal year 2020. To meet this expectation, Vexceed adopted a community engagement approach to design a CSR program that would positively impact the community where our client operates; and improve the business bottom line by

Top 5 Proven Ways SEO Helps Your Brand Grow Faster

They say visibility is vital for any brand to grow. And while some may say that it’s brand awareness that is vital, I say visibility leads to brand awareness. In this post, I’m going to show you the top five most essential ways that search engine optimization (SEO) helps your brand grow faster.

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