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Virtual Conference

How to Promote Your Virtual Events and Increase Attendance

How to Promote Your Virtual Events and Increase Attendance – So, you’ve been able to arrange an awesome line-up of speakers, sponsors, and breakout sessions for your virtual event. In fact, your date is set and your registration page is up and running. But on the D-Day, you discover quite a lot of no-shows from registered attendees. No matter how impactful a virtual event is going to be, if the number of absentees overshadows the available participants, the entire event can get derailed. That’s why a good attendance rate is one of the major priorities for event planners and organizers

virtual conference 101
Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference 101: Getting Started with Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference 101: Getting Started with Virtual Conferencing – The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has altered the way businesses are done with stuff like virtual conferencing becoming a thing. With the lockdown, many businesses had to adapt to a new mode of operations. Generally, companies had to leverage the internet to offer their services online. Workers had to start delivering their tasks from the comfort of their homes. In the same vein, event planners also had to discover a way to adapt to this new way of living by bringing audiences together through virtual conferences. So, let’s get down to

7 Successful Mobile Marketing Campaigns in 2020
Digital Marketing

7 Successful Mobile Marketing Campaigns in 2020

7 Successful Mobile Marketing Campaigns in 2020 – As the year 2020 rolled in, we looked forward to a year where mobile marketing campaigns would focus more on budding video-sharing platforms like TikTok along with the evolution of influencers, as well as the continued development of social commerce, shoppable ads, and more. In truth, the majority of those predictions are still viable today. However, not many could have foreseen the disruption of COVID-19 on digital and mobile marketing. Arguably, all of the best mobile campaigns in 2020 came in the wake of the pandemic. In a rush to meet consumers

7 Brands That Crushed Digital Marketing & Lessons Learned

7 Brands That Crushed Digital Marketing & Lessons Learned

7 Brands That Crushed Digital Marketing & Lessons Learned – Digital marketing is constantly evolving, for this reason, it can be difficult to truly examine what works and what won’t at any random point in time. However, an excellent starting point can be achieved by taking a peek at the brands at the pinnacle of the digital marketing universe and reviewing what worked for them in a given situation. Indeed, there is plenty of misinformation and poorly planned out digital marketing strategies out there. Thus, it can be quite hard to execute your digital strategy but it is not impossible.

Getting Started with Influencer Marketing 5 Super Tips
influencer Marketing

Getting Started with Influencer Marketing: 5 Super Tips

Getting Started with Influencer Marketing: 5 Super Tips – You’ve probably heard of the term “influencer marketing” been tossed around on a number of occasions but what exactly does it entail and how can it benefit your digital marketing efforts? What Is Influencer Marketing? Basically, influencer marketing is a type of marketing strategy that involves the use of key individuals to promote your business. Although the term ‘influencer’ in this context, is actually a shorthand for ‘social media influencer,’ however, it can take many forms such as Instagram influencer marketing, YouTube influencer marketing, etc. Thus, for one to be called

5 Big Data Analytics Strategies for Digital Marketing Campaigns
Data Analytics

5 Big Data Analytics Strategies for Digital Marketing Campaigns

5 Big Data Analytics Strategies for Digital Marketing Campaigns-With the digital marketing industry fast getting saturated with so many strategies and campaigns targeted at capturing leads and achieving potential sales or conversions, you’ll have to pull off something really special for your campaign to get noticed. However, using big data analytics in your strategy can give you an edge over your competitors. But first, let us get up to speed with what big data entails. What Is Big Data Analytics? Big data analytics refers to the complex process which requires examining big data to reveal certain information. This information can

Digital Marketing

REVEALED: 7 Secrets of a High-Performing LinkedIn Video Ad

7 Secrets of a High-Performing LinkedIn Video Ad – LinkedIn video ads offer businesses the incredible opportunity to promote their brand to high-quality B2B audiences. As a matter of fact, according to, videos on LinkedIn generate about 20x more shares than any other content format on the platform. The great thing about advertising on LinkedIn is that it is no different from other social platforms like Facebook. However, because the majority of LinkedIn users are professionals, the concept of your video ad may have to appeal to them professionally in order to generate engagement. As a business owner, naturally,

digital marketing strategy
Digital Marketing

7 Iconic Elements of a Simple Digital Marketing Strategy

In order for a brand to excel in today’s world, it is vital to have an emphatic digital footprint on the internet, and what better way to do it than to have a digital marketing strategy. That’s why when a business is defining its marketing plan, it needs to infuse an effective digital strategy. Without a clear digital strategy, perks such as brand visibility, new client acquisitions, and conversions will likely be missed. There are some important elements that need to be considered when creating a digital strategy. How you employ these elements can have some impactful correlation to the

Digital Marketing

The Art of SEO Broken Down in Five Action Steps

The Art of SEO Broken Down in Five Action Steps – For your digital marketing efforts to thrive, you’ll need to have a clear understanding of the art of SEO. A lot of entrepreneurs are quite aware that they’ll need SEO (search engine optimization) to give their businesses a marketing boost. By maximizing the power of SEO, you can drive more traffic, improve SERPs (search engine results pages), and increase conversion rates. However, most marketers and business owners do not realize that SEO isn’t really easy to master. Some are only aware of bits and pieces of it but not

7 Powerful Marketing Trends of 2021

Even the most exceptional products require unique marketing to succeed. The growth in technology today has expanded the scope and creativity of marketing practices especially with the trends in 2021 Thus, brands that integrate the latest technology trends with innovative marketing create an outstanding presence. Technologies express how people interact between themselves and with brands. As technology evolves, an individual’s way of life gets some sort of a makeover. That’s why it has become important more than ever that businesses seeking to engage their audience need to get on board with the latest and the trendiest. Indeed, human connection is

Video Marketing Best Practices – The Top 5 Google Certified

According to Google, there are five major SEO video marketing best practices. This was revealed in a recent Lighting Talks video. The video by Google places emphasis on why videos need to be optimized for search engines just the same way you would optimize written content. However, unlike written content, there’s a different approach to handling SEO for videos. In the recent video shared by Google, the search giant explained how website owners can send signals to communicate exactly what a video is about. Once the Google Algorithm can understand what a video is about, it will know how to

How to Improve Google My Business Ranking in 2021

Getting targeted visibility on Google is one of the most effective ways to grow your business and that’s why, along with optimizing your website and Google Ads, you’ll have to focus on your google my business listing in 2021 It is one of the most crucial steps in any local SEO strategy as it can boost your chances of appearing in Google’s Local Finder, Local Packs, and Maps. Read on to learn about how to rank for Google My Business in 2021. What is Google My Business? Google My Business is a free tool launched in June 2014 by Google.

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