Content Marketing

Understanding your brand goals and creating content that serves those goals builds trust and attracts new prospects.

Built Trust. Attract New Prospects.

Every brand needs a strategic content marketing framework to grow their brand. Think about it, your audience is online, and the best way to reach them where they are online is through content.

So it’s clear why 91% of B2B brands use content marketing to reach customers, and 86% of B2C brands see content marketing as a critical strategic imperative. What’s your content marketing strategy? Let’s talk!

Our Content Approach

We believe that without a well-thought-out strategy, success, or failure with content marketing is a matter of luck. So here’s our approach to how we make sense of it all.


Have a clear mission and objectives

We start with the formulation of a mission statement and outlining the objectives for your content marketing strategy.


KPI's is our best friend

We ensure the stated objectives are specific and measurable by setting key performance indicators for your content marketing strategy.


Audience definition is a crucial

We help you define and understand your audience. Having a clear understanding of your audience allows for a content marketing strategy that creates the right content to reach your audience.


Existing situation assessment

Your brand may already have content out there across blogs, social media, podcasts, videos, etc. We will take an assessment of your current position and see what's working and what's not working in helping you meet your goals.


Locate the best content channels for your brand

Using data and analytics, we locate the best content channels in alignment with your brand objectives. We focus on what's working for your brand and expand from there.


Determine suitable content types

At this point, we will start looking at the type of content your brand needs to create. There are several types of content vital to an effective content marketing strategy.


Develop the content calendar

We will then develop your brand's content calendar that tells us exactly when to publish content on each of the chosen platform. And this ensures you don't miss a beat and stay committed to the content strategy.


Now, the fun part - create content

It's now time to starting creating your brand's content. We begin by researching what's already out there and how the new content will add value to your brand's audience. The result is content that reflects your brand's personality and useful to your audience.


Distribute, market and amplify the content

Next, we take steps to place your content to the right audience across social media, content aggregators, email lists, search engines, and other distribution channels deemed fit.


Assess success

Finally, it's time to measure the results of your content marketing strategy. Having established the KPI's at the onset allows us to revert to them and see if you're hitting your targets.

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