Influencer Marketing

Build your brand's credibility and trust by leveraging influencers. Connect with their audience and provide value that matters most to them.

Credibility. Trust. Value.

Brands are generating positive ROI with influencers, with 89% saying that ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing channels.


Although Instagram ranks at the top for the most valuable and impactful influencer marketing channel, however, other established channels such as Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube remain ever popular.


How is your brand using influencers to engage with its audience? What is your ROI? Is your influencer strategy working or not working? Do you have one? Let’s talk about that – let’s connect.

Our Framework for Influencer Marketing

Unlock the potential value of influencers and create lasting brand experiences with your audience. Quality relationships with influencers across passions, interests, and personalities amplify your brand and win their audience.


Audience Definition

Who are your target customers, and who impacts how they discover, evaluate, decide, and buy products and services? Understanding such insights enable your brand to achieve the right targeting, brand alignment, and audience affinity.


Influencer Discovery

Which influencers are producing and sharing content that can have a positive impact on your brand?

Take the guesswork out, and let’s enable your brand to discover qualified influencers across content, audience criteria, and performance metrics that will yield positive ROI.


Opportunity Identification

Through social listening, we monitor potential influencers and listen to their audience. What topics do they write, tweet, post, and share across digital platforms?

What questions are their audience asking, and how does your brand align with those questions?

These are the opportunities that present an ideal situation for your brand to intersect and provide lasting value for digital engagements.


Action & Engagements

“The path to success is to take massive, determined actions.” So we start with relationship building by taking simple actions (follow, share, link, ask) and get to know them.


Next, we work on building trust and alignment, then put in place initiates that will present the right opportunity for mutually beneficial partnership with your brand.


How is your brand currently engaging with influencers? What’s your two-year influencer strategy? Let’s have a conversation about that – talk to us!


Track & Measure Results

We use established key performance indicators to keep track and measure the results of your brand’s influencer relationships.

How are they translating into tangible benefits (visits, mentions, leads, sales, conversions, introductions, etc.)?

We learn, rinse, adapt, and iterate. Are you ready to grow your brand with influencers? Let’s talk.

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