What to Know About the Metaverse: The New Future of Digital

What to Know About the Metaverse: The New Future of Digital-The concept of metaverse has been long in the process even before Zuckerberg rebranded it, and from the look of things, this new technology has come to stay.

A lot of people may be wondering what exactly “Metaverse” is, why is it so talked about, and why do most companies show interest in it?

Metaverse is the future, you will get to know more about this great technology as we go further.

What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse is a network where people are mutually joined in a virtual world, where they can communicate with one another, meet friends, work, learn, build and transact.

With the use of technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, as well as Haptic Sensors, the user is transported into a virtual world.

It is usually fun and realistic because the user can interact with people in the other world and can go there anytime they please.

Examples of Metaverse

Some gaming companies have made several attempts at creating a similar version of the metaverse.

No doubt, the innovation is brilliant, however, it’s way different as none of the variants created could match up to the real metaverse.

  • Zuckerberg launched a “Meta Horizon World.” It is a virtual space where people meet and discuss. There you can chat with friends as an avatar, and it can be reached through the ” Horizon world” and VR headsets.
  • Microsoft Mesh Platform: This mesh platform was set up by Microsoft. It is a mixed reality environment that uses holograms and avatars to go for meetings, parties, or any social gathering. It can also be used for live games.
  • Roblox: Roblox technology was first introduced as a world of games. Their users can build their games and share the link with friends to join. This gaming studio collaborated with companies like Gucci, Vans to create a metaverse, with that much driving force they might succeed in finally owning one.
  • Minecraft: The company, Minecraft, struck a deal with Microsoft, buying the company over. Since then, millions of people have been introduced into the game world. In this virtual world, people can create their look, and every other thing needed to function in the game.
  • Second Life has been existing since the year 2003. It is actually among the first virtual world to be introduced and has evolved greatly, developed into a large business space with various digital assets.
Difference Between Augmented Reality (AR) And Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality and Augmented Reality are different concepts that are applied in the metaverse.

Although there has been some misconception lately about the both of them, they are often taken to be the same.

The truth is, they are separate elements that complement each other. Let’s take a look at some of the differences between VR and AR;

  • In the virtual world, VR displays a completely different environment in the movie or game you play and also allows you to communicate with people there. While AR places some elements in your surrounding to make them appear real and lets you interact with them.
  • Virtual reality and Augmented reality can be played as normal games, but the ability to interact with people in the universe is its unique attribute. Thanks to the metaverse and its associates who made it possible.

The purpose of this innovation is to bring people together in the same universe that appears real. They can engage in various activities, dancing, exercising, studying, and other fun stuff.

Becoming an avatar in the Metaverse

People are given different avatars in the metaverse. An avatar is the typical representation of an individual as created in the virtual universe.

Users can also assume different shapes and forms as they deem fit. The users can decide to use their physical look or take a totally different look.

Once the avatar is successfully created, it serves as a permit to the metaverse where you can build your imaginary world, exploring various ideas.

Every platform has its own rules you must abide by to play the game. In some metaverses, users can only navigate the game with the aid of a computer keyboard. However, with upgraded versions, users can make use of a VR headset.

Is a metaverse possible?

We must come to terms with the fact that the metaverse is the past and the future. As the day passes the metaverse continues to evolve and obvious change can only come from the creators of this awesome technology.

Things have been made easy by having an avatar stand in for us in the other world and a reliable network that provides a smooth connection. 

The metaverse links each user to one another, providing a space where they can communicate as long as they’re connected to the server.

Due to the huge traffic as a result of multiple users of the metaverse, public servers are no longer able to accommodate all of them at a time.

It appears that some developers of metaverses build different segments that demarcate the users, hence making the world little.

Also, people try out different platforms, picking the world that best suits them. All these divisions are setbacks for companies and if it continues, the possibilities of actualizing metaverse are less.

What Is the Use of the Metaverse?

The concept of the metaverse is vague at the moment because the people who created it haven’t come up with a defined purpose for the metaverse. However, for now, it serves a general purpose.

One of the uses of the metaverse is to be able to link up with people via a virtual world for various reasons. Here are a few things you can do in the metaverse:

Buy a Property

The metaverse allows users to buy a house or landed property. A common theme in metaverses involves allowing users to buy plots of land.

Once the property is bought, it is assigned to the buyer, automatically transferring ownership to them and the other person has no claims to it anymore. Just like it is done in real life.

If a user buys a property in the metaverse, he can use it however he deems fit. Some may choose to put the property in a gallery or store they create.

A lot of users tend to abuse the metaverse because they are given the liberty to do whatever they want in the virtual universe.

For this reason, the creators of the metaverse monitor every activity the users are engaged in, so they don’t cross certain boundaries.

Sell properties

Just as users are allowed to buy properties, they can also sell them if they want to. An element of wealth in the metaverse lets the user sell their property to another person.

In the virtual universe, the prices of items vary. Some are easy to get while others are rare. 

Lands and houses in the metaverse are of varying sizes and situated in different locations.

Real estate business booms in the metaverse as it does in the real world. Large plots of land sited in a good area are usually desired by everyone and also very expensive than small plots.


Metaverses have become very popular, and some companies are drawn to them seeing the opportunities they present.

The universe is a better place to advertise businesses considering the millions of people that views it.

Companies are met with lots of benefits in the metaverse. Hosting events, meetings, learning, transactions and many more are what users stand to gain in the virtual world.

Live and interact

Live interaction between one another is a norm in the metaverse. It is the major aim of companies that created the metaverse – to connect people from across the globe.

In this universe, you communicate with other people seamlessly unlike some other video games that require only texting.

Keep in mind that this advanced technology features glasses and headsets for a better view and interaction.

You can meet with friends, party, play fun games together, do some homework or study together.

Real-life activities are incorporated in the virtual universe such that one can hardly tell the difference between both worlds.

Work and study

As reiterated above, the metaverse can serve as an arena for working and studying together.

Some adjustments in the metaverse are done by Microsoft to magnify video pictures hence, making them appear more real.

Moreso, a virtual workplace is in the building process. This workplace will serve as a space for remote workers to meet and work together, more like a virtual office.

Final Words

With the rate at which the metaverse is developing and companies are taking interest in the concept, there are possibilities that very soon individuals will no longer desire to stay in the real world but the virtual universe.

However, as the metaverse continues to evolve, its user growth may have to be put into consideration as huge traffic could pose issues on the VR platform.

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