How to Create Snackable Content for 2022

What is Snackable Content? And How to Create Snackable Content for 2022: Snackable content is considered the hot cake of content marketing at the moment. It is quick to create and mobile-friendly. This is why today’s scroll-happy digital audience can’t get enough of it.

Consisting of short videos, animated gifs, infographics, as well as memorable memes, they quickly becoming an integral aspect of your broader content and social media strategy. No doubt, snackable content isn’t just the typical run-of-the-mill content you create. On the contrary, it has a definite job to do for your brand; from amplifying your voice, to delivering value to your audience.

In this article, we will take you through the basics, starting from what snackable content actually is, to what it does and how you can begin to create it.

What Is Snackable Content?

Snackable content, as the name connotes, implies bite-size components of digital content that can be easily consumed and shared. They are mostly visual and, as such, heavily effective when it comes to captivating viewers’ attention as they scroll through online channels using their mobile devices.

When well-executed, snackable content can massively enhance a brand’s social capital via shareability.
Since it is a quicker transaction compared to longer-form content, snackable content has a greater chance of being shared in a concise moment of impact.

Because snackable content is generally simpler to create and publish, it is a handy and effective tool you can use to keep your social media following entertained and engaged. We did mention that snackable content is easier in terms of preparation, however, it still comes with its own unique challenges.
This is because the golden rule of snackable content revolves around maintaining relevance to your brand and its values.

Do you understand what that means? Basically, if you see the latest trending meme, you might be tempted to share it. However, if it isn’t resonating with your brand, then save it for your personal social accounts.

What Happens to Long-Form Content?

Indeed, snackable content appears to make a faster impact on your brand when compared to long-form content.
Could this now mean the end of the road for long-form content? The answer is NO. In fact, we believe long-form content still plays an important, albeit, different role at the other end of a buyer’s journey.

Thus, it is still relevant for many reasons. Aside from helping a website perform better on SERPs, longer-form content is crucial for creating brand authority. It also helps in converting people at the narrow end of the sales funnel.
Interestingly, snackable and long-form content can be used as a dynamic combo especially if you utilize your snackable content as bait to lure in traffic for longer pieces.

This can be done by creating snackable content and following the guidelines before applying them to the layout of your long-form item content.

By breaking longer pieces of content into smaller chunks and applying loads of visuals, quotes, and links, your long-form becomes ultimately more consumable.

How Snackable Content Can be Created and Used

Versatility is one of the many qualities of snackable content as it has several online applications from websites to social media. Also, they can be easily created using a ton of free and paid tools such as Canva, Pablo by Buffer, as well as Adobe Spark.

They are versatile and has many online applications, from websites to social media. It can easily be created, with a stack of free and paid tools including Canva, Adobe Spark, and Pablo by Buffer available.

For them to be effective, it needs to strike a balance between engaging visuals or graphical elements and an intelligent choice of words. The words to be used in snackable content have to be catchy rather than sensationalist. The reason is that today’s readers are wiser and can sense click-bait-like headlines from a mile away.

In addition, ensure that your snackable content has your branding even if it is in the subtlest of forms such as a hashtag.

Below are some of the most popular forms of snackable content you can find on the internet today:

  1. Memes

We are in the era of memes as they reign supreme in most social media content today. With memes, anyone can laugh their way through many events they may have experienced.

When used correctly, memes can take a nice position in your strategy. However, remember to keep it relevant, clean, above all, be intentional with what you’re doing with it.

As a side note, there is an increasing number of brands who have failed woefully at memes – it’d be wise not to join them.

  1. Infographics

Using infographics, you can add a bit more ingredients to your content snack. Also, the content does not necessarily have to be boring facts or figures.

However, what it should do is to educate people on something briefly. A simple ‘did you know?’ or ‘how to’ infographic representation can be astonishingly effective.


One of the more common and simplest methods of creating snackable content is through the use of quotes from influential people or excerpts from articles and interviews. However, if you’re going to be using quotes for your strategy, then be sure to tag the person being quoted.

It is especially a good idea to do this if the quote owner is on the social media platform you’re posting to. If you’re lucky, you just might earn a repost from the influencer.

  1. Gifs

Gifs, like memes, are another simple yet effective method of drawing people’s attention. They appear as animated content and have become increasingly popular in the online community.

When used well, they can be pretty effective for product or event teasers. However, if you have to use gifs as a brand, we advise keeping the dancing images to a minimum – unless they relate directly to what your brand offers.

  1. Quizzes, Polls, Q&As

By running a poll or short quiz, you can rapidly drive up engagement on your brand. Meanwhile, social media platforms such as Instagram, have made it convenient for brands and influencers to initiate two-way conversations with followers using Q&As.

  1. Short-Form Videos

Short-form videos like those on Instagram stories and reels, Facebook Live, as well as TikTok, are highly influential forms of social currency. If you’re going to use this form of snackable content, try to keep the videos under 15 seconds for maximum cut-through.

One of the most convenient ways to get started with snackable content is by looking through your previous content across multi-channels and taking note of what performed well.

You can take out the larger items and chop them up into smaller bite-sized pieces of content. For instance, you can cut out a ‘how to’ blog into singular posts or a case study video into major snippets.

Last Words

In conclusion, you need to understand why you’re creating snackable content and what you want it to achieve.
One of the most important things to remember is to keep your content short, scannable, and easily shareable.
Also, the snackable content needs to be simple and easy to understand for everyone. Lastly, make sure that all your snackable content are supporting an all-encompassing content and social media strategy.

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