A Detailed Guide To Marketing Your Mobile App

A Detailed Guide To Marketing Your Mobile App: Mobile apps are an active platform where you can establish a defined relationship with your customers which should be prioritized. With the high rate of people on social media, marketing an app will be a piece of cake if you employ the right strategies.

The media is a large marketplace with lots of competition, and people pitching ideas daily. To get the attention you seek, you must be intentional to stay steps ahead of your competitors. To that effect, read on for a detailed guide on the effective ways to market your mobile app in this article.

Simple Guides To Marketing Your Mobile App

For easy app marketing, you must first understand the basic concept of mobile app marketing. This begins with understanding what mobile app marketing is.

Basically, it means coming up with a good strategy that enables you to get the attention of the audience to your app and converting them from simple users to lifetime customers. This requires much patience and consistency to stay relevant on social media.

How To Market A Mobile App?

To market your mobile application, you must be willing to put in the work because it is a process that requires you to apply every business strategy.

This process takes time, however, with the right formula, you will attract a large audience sooner than later. Below are steps to market your application:

Know your target audience

Every product seen on the market was created for specific users, the same applies to mobile applications. To generate more traffic to your application, you must identify your targeted audience. This is the first step to take for effective marketing. Fail to do so and you’ll render all other efforts in vain. Knowing your user persona lets you discover their needs. Only then can you satisfy them by including app features that will help solve their major problem.

Take for instance selling clean water in a community that has little or no good water supply. You automatically become their savior supplying their major need and in turn making a huge profit from the business.

To know your target customers, you must pay attention to details, such as the platform they use frequently, their engagement on social media (the type of content they love), users’ preferred platform, etc. Having this information makes the marketing process much easier.

Research your competitors

Knowing your target customers isn’t the only thing needed for successful mobile app marketing, you also need to know your competitors.

Finding out every single fact about your competitors gives you an edge over them. Remember, social media is a large space with varieties of products displayed by people, with a common goal which is satisfying customers.

To have an upper hand, or hold higher ground against your competitors, you must be the best at what you do.

Do background research on your competitors – those you perceive to be more successful. Find out their secret formula and their marketing strategies.

Use it as a guide on your path. It will prevent you from making unnecessary mistakes. Gather every useful information you need that will improve your marketing skill to yield more positive results.

Satisfying the needs and desires of potential customers generates more users which leads to increased demand. If you notice, the most used or recognized mobile applications are the ones that sort for the target audience’s greatest problem and provide a solution to it. That is just how it works in every business.

Set up a landing page or website

A page or website is where potential clients do their research about your mobile app, study, and decide if they should go for it.

On your landing page, use search engine keywords that will allow users to find your app when they search on google. You can also make a video describing your application and what users stand to gain if they download it.

A landing page is a medium to unveil vital information about your mobile application to enable customers easily access it. Here you can also drop links that will lead them directly to the app location, – the play store or app store.

Set Up A Blog

Blogs are the perfect platform to showcase your brand and all that you do. Entrepreneurs with blogs are at an advantage.

They can reach the target audience with ease so long as they continue to update their blog with content and videos of products.

Blogs are media tools that will help drive traffic to your app. They are very essential in marketing your mobile application.

Before introducing your app to the public, first, build up your viewership and engagement by posting original content. This increases brand awareness, giving room to market your mobile application. 

Optimize your mobile app’s product page

By optimizing your app page, you should rebrand, design it to look attractive before the users. From the name of your app, subtitle, to the logo, everything should be standard as this will determine the number of customers you will attract.

People are moved by what they see, even the tiniest thing on the app might be what captivates them, so don’t leave any stone unturned.

Promote Mobile App

Promotion leads to popularity, and when your app becomes popular you make sales and get more reviews from clients.

Without promotion, your business remains stagnant. Even small-scale businesses experience massive growth from media promotion.

Social media promotion projects your app to millions of target customers. It’s a vital step to take when marketing your application.

Take note that it’s not on every media platform you should advertise your business. Only utilize the most popular platforms which are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

Your application will reach more audiences due to the millions of followers registered on these platforms.

Hire Social Media influencers

Hiring social media influencers is another way of marketing your mobile app. Find influencers with a lot of followers, and get them to work with you.

Due to the trust and credibility the influencers have, the audience will gladly subscribe to downloading your that without hesitation.

How To Get More Users for Your Mobile App?

To get users for your application, you must work on optimizing it. It is the only way the mobile app gets more ranking on google play store search results.

The most effective strategy to utilize in optimizing your app is ASO (App store optimization). Application store optimization gains traction for your mobile app page within a short time.

Your app moves from the bottom to the top on the play store or app store search results, gaining more visibility from customers.

For a successful optimization, you should work on your app title by making it short and enticing. The subtitle should be a brief description of the app and the main description should have the unique features and benefits of using the mobile app.

Also, create a space where the users can drop reviews and rate the app based on their satisfaction. You can make a few touches on the mobile app’s theme or design for more attractiveness.

Type Of Strategies That Works For Mobile App Marketing

You should know that what’s good for Mr.A might be bad for Mr.B. Not every strategy will yield results in your app marketing.

So you must filter the odds, applying only that which will favor you and your marketing strategy. Remember that the stakes are high and the competition gets tougher by the day, you don’t want to take chances. Here are the strategies that will work for your app marketing:

Interactive marketing

This strategy works effectively in marketing your mobile app. Interactive marketing builds common ground between you and the customers. It improves communication and relationship, thereby building trust with the users.

Engaging in personal marketing is a simple way of achieving your goal of getting credibility. You can start by communicating through text messages and emails. This way your customers relate more with you. 

Inbound marketing

Here is another trick to marketing your mobile app. Inbound marketing allows you to get in touch with your target audience via a different medium.

You can reach them through social media channels, web content, blogs, sponsored ads, account-based marketing, or videos.

Among all the strategies listed above, the most reliable marketing strategy is ABM, Account-Based Marketing.

This strategy is capable of increasing your client base. You can drop personal marketing materials or do a brief campaign for potential clients on your top list.

Stealth marketing

This is also known as underground marketing. A method of marketing in which the targeted customers have no idea that the products advertised are meant for them.

This type of marketing does not cost much, unlike other marketing strategies. It can be done by offering solutions when they are needed the most in times when the target audience is having issues with a particular app.

Email marketing

This marketing strategy is common, simple, and productive too. It encourages personalized communication.

With this, you can keep potential customers updated on amazing application features and let them know of the benefits of using them. You can also use this medium to keep in touch with the users regularly.

Ways To Promote Your Mobile App

To promote your mobile app you should strive to make a difference. Create an app that prospective users can connect with, something they can’t find in other applications.

This is where the uniqueness comes in. Don’t forget, Google play store or the iOS App Store is a large warehouse with thousands of apps. Thus, there should be something that differentiates yours from your competitors’.

Your mobile app can be promoted in many ways. Create brand visibility via campaigns, either online or the old-fashioned way. Try various strategies such as email marketing, underground marketing, inbound, ABM, and interactive marketing.

The Things To Consider Before Launching An App Campaign

Make sure you have reached a large audience, and your product page is sound before you launch your mobile app campaign for promotion. Here is a list of some of the things to consider before introducing your mobile app into the market:

State your goals

The first thing to do before launching your app is to state your goals and what you hope to achieve with the marketing strategy. Put in the work, take necessary actions to realize your dream. Specific actions you should take are;

– Carrying out background research on your competitors

– Keep prospective users engaged and active

– Improve tactics used in the sales of mobile app

– Increase brand awareness

– Improve CLV (customer’s lifetime value)

When doing your mobile application campaign, try not to use ambiguous words. Rather, keep it simple and precise. This way, the users understand every piece of information you release to them. Draw inspiration from your competitor’s content.

Try not to be self-satisfied with current development and relax with the mindset that the job is done, so there is no need to put in the effort. You can lose your audience in the blink of an eye if you fail to update and promote your platform. Just keep it at the back of your mind that the race isn’t over yet.

Analyze and Measure your Key Performance Indicators

KPIs are the best tool used in analyzing and measuring the growth of your business. You can tell the success of your marketing strategy from key performance indicators. It will notify you at every stage of your mobile app campaign if you are indeed making progress.

If you happen to notice a change in the users on your product page or a large number of apps downloaded, review the status of your mobile app on the platforms where you marketed them to know which had more views and the active users.

After every successful campaign and app marketing, take time to review each marketing stage, identify the ones that clicked, you can apply the same method in every campaign you hold. You can omit the trick or strategy that didn’t work out.

How To Promote Your Mobile App For Free

Not every marketing strategy requires money. Surprisingly, some can be pulled off without spending a dime.

To promote your mobile app for free, there are some tricks you should use to escape investing a huge sum in marketing and running ads:

Leave room for comments

Comment sections are places where you find out how the users feel and the different opinions about the newly launched mobile application.

You can engage the users by providing room for comments, reviews, and app ratings. Getting feedback from the users is essential – it tells if you are making progress or not.

At the end of every ad campaign, read the comments and reviews and try responding to both the positive and negative comments.

Your responsiveness is a sign that you care about your customer’s feelings and there is room for improvement in case of any complaint.

Give your support

Support a cause whichever way is necessary. You can address an issue that seems to be a major concern in society.

Suggest possible solutions to the problem or better provide one. Influence the lives of people positively through every media channel you can lay hands on.

This single act of yours can reflect on your brand in the process, promote your products, impact lives, and at the same time increase traffic on your channels. People will relate to you because you share common values.

Assist people

This has always been a great way of getting favors, even in reality. The popular saying “give and it shall be given unto you” should be applied both in marketing.

You must not charge for every help you render online. The willingness to assist others might land you several opportunities and bring you more customers.

Give discounts

The secret to massive sales is giving out discounts. Give prospects discounts and view the rate at which your app gets large downloads.

The discount should be granted to target customers, users, and also to those who help market your app by referrals. This is inclusive of your mobile app marketing strategy.

Interact with your social circle

As stated earlier in this article, interaction is very important. In this case, interaction won’t be restricted to just customers but also your families and friends on all social media platforms.

You can share your mobile app with them on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Don’t feel shy relating business matters to your relatives.

Make Sure You Experiment Your Mobile App Marketing Strategy Based on Results

We discussed the need to experiment with all possible marketing strategies. On the market, everyone strives to make sure their products top the list of the most genuine brand.

To stay up in your game, continue to refine your app and update app features to remain relevant in the market. The journey isn’t easy but you must keep going to satisfy the users.

Final Thoughts

Mobile app marketing is indeed a piece of work, and most people give up quickly because of how draining it can be.

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