10 Ways To Increase E-Commerce Website Traffic

10 Ways To Increase E-Commerce Website Traffic: If you don’t know what to do, getting more users to visit your e-commerce website can be difficult. Perhaps you’ve tried some of the most popular methods for increasing website traffic. Not having an online store might make things much more difficult.

Several factors must be in place for your e-commerce website to receive traffic. You must ensure that your site is designed correctly and that it has a sound structure and layout. 

It must also be responsive, mobile-friendly, search engine optimized, and have a sound customer conversion architecture. That said, we’re all familiar with the most common methods for increasing visitors to a website.

You may use social media to promote your business and run ads all over the place. What if, on the other hand, you wanted to use some of the infallible digital marekting techniques like SEM to boost website traffic? 

Some of these strategies can truly provide you a significant boost if used appropriately.

Creating An Ecommerce Website

The phrase e-commerce simply means the selling products online. Online retailing and wholesales have grown in popularity over time since they allow individuals to purchase goods from any location.

Setting up an internet store may be done in a variety of ways. The steps you follow will differ depending on the platform you’re using. 

One of the most popular options is “WooCommerce”. This is a widely used online store platform that integrates with your WordPress website and allows you to sell both physical and digital products.

Trying to improve both website traffic and conversions is one of the most difficult problems that online store owners face. As previously said, you can use some of the most standard tactics for driving visitors to a website.

Let’s look at 10 techniques to get more people to visit your eCommerce website.

1. Create a resource page first

On any website, having a resource page is usually a smart idea. This is, undoubtedly, a fantastic strategy to enhance website visitors. 

It can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Add resources, thank you blurbs for companies you like and have worked with, or your favorite products and services to the page.

Additionally, for SEO purposes, a resource page is a good idea. Because it is deemed new material, it also keeps your present website viewers and clients engaged. This results in more repeat visitors and higher conversion rates.

2. Reorganize the content of previous blog posts

A blog section is usually a smart idea whether you have a company website, an e-commerce site, or both. Starting a blog on your website provides you with a place to share new and exciting ideas. These could be product or service-related, news and updates, tales, or other articles you’d like to share.

Your blog posts may get stale and out-of-date over time, and you may need to refresh the content and statistics. New screenshots, new photos in general, and specific content overhauls can all assist to boost traffic. 

Your old blog posts can skyrocket if you include extra SEO details like keyword optimization and meta descriptions.

3. Write for other websites as a guest blogger

Guest blogging is another unique and frequently overlooked strategy to improve website traffic. You can gain a lot of benefits by guest writing on other websites.

It not only gets your name out to those who might not have seen it otherwise, but it also allows you to gain essential connections back to your site from other reputable industry websites.

Guest blogging on sites that are at least slightly similar to your own is a good idea. You want to reach out to people who would be interested in what you’re selling on your website.

4. Use large scale integration keywords to improve your site

To do so, you must first understand what a Large Scale Integration keyword is. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to put this technique into action. 

Large Scale Integration (LSI) keywords are terms and phrases that are linked to your target term.

Just to be clear, ranking well for any keyword without putting in the effort isn’t easy. 

Using an LSI keyword approach, on the other hand, is a terrific technique to help your post rank higher and drive more visitors to your website.

5. Convert your content to videos

Converting content to videos is a good idea. You take your existing content and convert it into a different format. 

There are several different formats from which to pick. Make an e-book, a video, an infographic, or a podcast out of that content.

When you reuse and adapt content, you provide your audience with new opportunities to interact with it and other ways to see and use the material.

Video material has never been more popular than it is right now. Transforming or translating your writing into a video clip can frequently help improve website traffic immediately.

6. Submit your website to search engines professionally

The failure to properly index and submit a website to the major search engines is a common mistake made by website owners.

Yes, you can do all kinds of search engine and website improvements once your website is up and running.

However, many people underestimate the importance of correctly submitting your website to the major search engines. You should check to see if your website has a valid XML Sitemap.

Using Google Search Console and properly submitting to Yahoo and Bing can help the search engines properly index and list your site, which will enhance your website traffic.

After the standard website SEO steps have been made, this is the next step to take.

7. Allow users to easily share information about your website

Social sharing buttons should be present on your website at all times. This is an excellent approach to boost website traffic because it allows consumers to share your information on social media.

You may take it a step further by requiring users to share content in exchange for further bonus stuff. Your additional content should be appealing to your users.

Something useful, such as an eBook or a file. Perhaps a certain file or audio download, or some other pertinent information, will compel them to share.

This indicates that your users are sharing your content and that others are viewing it and becoming interested.

8. Begin your podcast

Podcasts are exploding, to put it simply. 36% of American adults listen to a podcast at least once a month. 

This number is also increasing as the process of generating a podcast and distributing it to listeners becomes more straightforward.

A few people who make podcasts do so to drive traffic to their websites. This makes it a good idea to implement because gaining listeners will increase interest in your website and other content.

It’s also a good idea to listen to podcasts that others have made. You can also participate as a guest and promote your website to get traffic.

9. Switch Ads to a different website

An ad swap with another website is one of the more unusual techniques to enhance website traffic. Switching ads is a great idea. 

A relevant website creates an ad for you that connects back to your desired destination, and you do the same for that website.

Although no money is exchanged, it is a wonderful method to promote your website on other websites and drive traffic back to it. This can be done with as many more relevant websites as you desire.

The more you switch ads, the more traffic you can get on your website. One of the advantages of ad switching is that it is free. 

As a result, you can get started with the web marketing for free using the Blogger Outreach Method to Promote Your Website

10. Contacting bloggers

Before we go into blogger outreach, it’s crucial to understand that, while it can appear spammy at first, it’s not always the best way to generate traffic to your website.

If done correctly, though, this may be a very effective and personable technique to increase visitors to your website.

Contacting bloggers, in essence, is a method of getting your content, product, service, website, and so on in front of relevant bloggers and journalists via tailored emails.

Of course, the major purpose here is to encourage these folks to talk about what you sent them. If done properly, this will result in more visitors to your website.

The biggest issue is that some people may see these emails as spam. However, these emails can be incredibly powerful if you take the time to personalize them (even if you’re using an email template).

Make a good one and send it to the proper people, and your website or product will gain a lot of attention in no time.


There are a variety of short and long-term methods for increasing website traffic. Many of the most popular methods for increasing website traffic are employed by everyone, and you often have to pay to be relevant.

By experimenting with some new, less usual concepts, you may help your e-commerce website grow in traffic and popularity over time. Moreso, these suggestions will enhance not only website traffic but also website conversion rates.

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