Search Engine Marketing

Segment your brand's customers and audiences based on search intent to increase conversions.

Grow with Search Ads

In an age where nearly 93% of all web traffic is realized through search engines, not having a sustainable search engine marketing strategy does not cut it.


And did you know that when brands combine organic SEO along with search engine marketing (PPC), they achieve 25% more visits and 27% increased profits?


Increase your brand’s website traffic and visibility, target the right audience, and grow your revenue with search ads. Let’s have a conversation about that. Let’s talk.

Our Search Engine Marketing Framework

Your audience is becoming savvier and researching more through search engines.  They are often looking for the best options, brand reviews, products, and services as well as comparing prices.  You need to engage them at the discovery stage of their buying cycle through search ads.  Here’s our framework for doing just that.


Strategy Definition

All too often, brands dive into search engine marketing without a comprehensive strategy. Don't let your brand be like those who do this. Let's get you off the right foot with a thorough strategy that defines your audience, identifies their motivations and desires, and align how your brand fulfills those needs.


Keywords Research

Keywords represent the search terms your audience feed to search engines when looking for solutions your brand meets.



We conduct thorough keyword research to properly get into their heads and understand what they are searching for.



The result is a keyword list of highly sought terms that will drive targeted traffic to your brand’s landing pages.


Performance Indicators

Next, we need to establish key performance indicators that will show how well your search engine marketing strategy is doing.


Performance indicators such as click-through-rates (CTR), cost per click (CPC), conversion rates, ad rank, cost-per-lead (CPL), cost-per-sale (CPS), among others are particularly useful and defined at this stage.


ROI Driven Campaigns

Then, we create and execute ROI driven search engine marketing campaigns with the right ad groups and keywords that connect your brands to its intended audience.

We tie your bidding strategies to business results with a compelling call-to-action and landing page optimization for maximum conversion.


Measure Success

Finally, we benchmark and measure your brand’s campaign success against identified key performance indicators.


Looking at key metrics such as clicks, conversions, CTR, CPC, CPL, time-on-site, new vs. returning visitors, and a whole host of other parameters, we adjust wants not working, adapt, and re-execute.


What type of success are you experiencing with your search engine marketing campaigns? Let’s have a conversation about that, let’s talk!

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