Email Marketing

With an average open rate of 25.86% and a click-through rate of 4.71%, if your brand does not have an email marketing strategy, you do so at your peril.

Acquire. Retain. Grow.

Email delivers a strong Return on Investment. According to DMA, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $32.00.

Also, email is vital customer retention and acquisition channel for growing and established brands. And available data shows that 81% of small and medium-sized businesses rely on email as a primary new customer acquisition channels. In contrast, a whopping 80% depend on it for the retention of existing customers.

Are you achieving a high ROI from your email marketing campaigns? Let’s talk!

Our Approach to Email Marketing

Email marketing is a dynamic science and changing constantly. What worked two years ago, no longer works. At Vexceed, we take a data-driven approach to email marketing. Here’s how we do it.



We use customer data to create personalized brand communications, content, and promotions. Over 70% of brands do not use personalization as part of their email marketing strategy. Do you? Let's have a conversation about that. Let's talk!



It's no mistake that segmentation is currently trending among the top initiatives of email marketing strategy. As HubSpot found in its study, using segmentation leads to better KPI performance with email marketing. We use segmentation to deliver better results for your brand - better open rates, deliverability, revenue, leads, transactions, and more customers.


Mobile Responsive

With over 60% of emails opened on a mobile device, we take mobile optimization of your brand’s email marketing strategy very seriously.
And it may interest you to know that over 45% of email marketing communications sent by brands are desktop-centric in design and not mobile-aware.


Notably, the revenue generated per email on mobile devices is four times higher than desktop. Is your email marketing communication mobile-friendly? Let’s talk about that – let’s connect.


A/B Testing

We use split A/B testing to gather data that will enable us to make practical decisions that will improve your brand’s email marketing performance.

So from subject line, design, personalization, messaging to the landing page, target audience, colors, long-form vs. short-form, etc. we test everything to locate the variations with the best performance!

How are you using A/B testing to boost your email communications performance? Let’s talk about that!



When possible, we use user behavior to trigger email communications. And using automation in email marketing generates four times more open rates, doubles the click-through-rate, and 18 times greater profits, according to Forrester Research.

At Vexceed, we implement automation to recover abandoned cart, onboard new customers, win-back existing customers, reward existing customers, and much more. How are you using email marketing automation to grow your brand? Tell us more. Let’s talk about it.

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