How Does Blogging Help Grow My Business?

How Does Blogging Help Grow My Business?

How Does Blogging Help Grow My Business? The primary goal of any business is to achieve a transaction with a consumer and before that can be done, your business needs to be seen by the people who are craving for your product, service or offer.

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to get your business seen by an audience. However, when it comes to blogging, you cannot afford to be lazy or promotional.

When you set up a blog, your major aim should be focused on providing value that is related to your niche.

You do this by consistently publishing informative, well-crafted articles written with strategy and customer engagement in mind.

Through blogging, you will increase your website’s online traffic, keep your website’s visitors engaged, achieve conversions, grow demand and interest in your brand, and set your business apart from your competitors.

Unarguably, the most important advantage attached to blogging lies in the fact that it is cheap, and its benefits last long after publishing.

However, blogging isn’t an easy task as you’ll have to ensure that the content you create is valuable and engaging.

Using blogging to promote your products or services is one of the poorest methods of utilizing blogging.

Also, for your blog to be seen by internet users, it needs to be optimized for search engines. Thus, SEO and blogging go hand-in-hand for your strategy to be successful.

Below are the ways by which blogging can help grow your business:

1. Grow Your Website Traffic

When you put up consistent content that is of informational and entertainment value, your website traffic will experience a significant bump.

And with more traffic comes more leads and conversions for your business. It matters little whether you own a software corporation or run a little poultry farm or a news-driven website that requires massive traffic to get stronger ad revenues.

A business that does blogging on a consistent basis will always outperform those that do so infrequently.

As more people troop to your site, the potential for getting increased bookings/reservations, contact form submissions, and client inquiries increases as well.

All businesses require good website traffic. You can get this when visitors discover your content as they search for solutions to their problems.

Thus, you must strive to develop content that caters to your target audience’s pain points. Ensure that your headlines describe such content clearly and accurately.

2. Gain New Customers

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling movie tickets or dormice. As long as your business sticks to consistent and frequent blogging, it will always draw attention to your website.

And as your brand gets more attention, you’ll get more new customers. All of this will happen as far as your content creates value!

Keep your content focused on providing educational and entertaining topics that will answer a searcher’s query.

These days, before we purchase a product or service online, we do some research using Google or other search engines before making a buying decision.

In fact, the more expensive an item or service is, the more time we’d spend researching it.

You’ll definitely be more inclined to spend more time checking out every review or news bit before spending on a product worth thousands of dollars compared to a $10 pair of gloves.

You will put your business in a strategic position by sourcing informative and engaging blog content that will influence an internet user’s purchasing decision.

Indeed, developing a blog strategy will take quite some time out of your busy schedule. However, it can also be hugely rewarding when done correctly.

By setting up an educational blog, your customers will be able to get important knowledge on their own via your content and are likely to get in touch with you when they’ve made up their minds to purchase.

Below are a few examples:

A pet food company can provide information about where to buy pets or adopt them with extra tips on how to care for them.

A laundry company offering information on different types of fabrics and how to make them last longer.

A real estate business can also benefit from the expected and considerable upturn in real estate-related searches at certain times during the year. Providing SEO-optimized tips on spotting the right real estate investment will be key here.

Keep in mind that creating blogs with SEO best practices is essential. Also, don’t stop at just posting your blog on your website. Be sure to share it across social channels as well as newsletters.

When you do this, your blog will act as a key line for reeling in leads and potential customers.

In addition, be sure to include some form of action such as CTAs, in each blog content.

Based on what your business offers, you may want your audience to read another related piece of content, fill, and submit a form to get a quote, make a phone call to set up a consultation or click a 3rd party ad to drive ad impressions.

3. Expose Your Brand to the Audiences Seeking Fun

In truth, many business-related blogs are need-based, hence the content provides answers to a reader’s question by connecting them to the solution.

However, want-based blogs are also relevant. These types of blogs aim to stimulate demand for something your audience didn’t think they wanted at first (could be relief products, wellness products, clothing, food, etc.).

Unlike need-based blogs, want-based blogs are meant to be read by the audience at leisure as a form of entertainment.

Content like this is a bit difficult to produce. The goal is to make the blogs interesting and engaging enough for people to read and be entertained.

With time, you will have created a connection with your audience via the tone and content of the blog which will subsequently foster brand loyalty.

Popular examples are lifestyle news channels like Playboy, Esquire, or Popular Mechanics.

These platforms offer entertaining content that revolves around your product or service.

Other examples include William Sonoma: Taste (a business involving cooking supplies), SmugMug Lens (a photography platform), Plato’s Closet Style Blog (a trendy clothes brand).

Because none of the products or services offered by the businesses above are actual needs (but rather, wants), their blogs are lifestyle-based.

Thus, they aim to build and nurture a community while showing how their solutions can improve people’s day-to-day life.

4. Show & Explain What Your Business Offers

For several businesses, especially those in the landscapers, home contractors, web designers, and personal trainers category, blogging is a powerful medium of displaying an ongoing portfolio of previous jobs done.

Businesses that thrive on proof of previous successes such as the ones mentioned above will find blogging a valuable tool for displaying their regalia.

It is important to have a simple medium of showcasing the kind of results potential customers will get when they patronize your business.

You can achieve that via blogging. With a collection of catchy photos highlighting your work, you can build an impressive portfolio and direct your customers there to see and be wowed.

Generally, based on how your website was built, it might take some effort to update your entire site.

However, blogs created using content management systems like WordPress make it comprehensively easier to update. You need not have that much tech knowledge to navigate them.

Basically, if you can publish a post on Facebook, then you will be able to do the same on a WordPress blog.

If you still find it difficult, then there are several blogs and how to go about it online. So, knock yourself out.

As soon as you have begun to catalog your work on your blog, you will have a simple link to send to those who will want to have a pictorial sample of the quality and efficacy of your work.

5. Long-term Rewards for Your Business

Now, here’s one of the most unsung benefits of blogging. Months, and oftentimes, years after setting up your blog with engaging content, it continues to generate new leads and conversions for you.

According to HubSpot, over three-quarters of their blog views are derived from older content. Those older posts are actually responsible for the massive majority (90%) of their leads.

Although it is important to create new posts, older posts can also stay relevant to your audience for a long time.

In addition, older blog contents that have attained authority and high ranking over time and are still reeling in a decent amount of organic traffic can also be updated to serve current campaigns.

So, you should make it a routine to keep old blogs fresh with recent data and up-to-date links. In many cases, all it takes for a blog to continue drawing in qualified leads is a few small tweaks like this.

6. Build A Network In Your Industry

Most businesses focus a lot on their customers when blogging. Thus, they hardly think about the networking possibilities an established blog can generate.

Every industry or niche comes with a collection of trustworthy and valuable blogs. A good example is the vast majority of digital marketing blogs on the internet today.

Of the hundreds out there, only a handful really stand out and they all feature frequent and consistent blogging.

No doubt, these digital marketing blogs will get the most significant client portfolios and strategic partnerships as a result.

By observing the model of these blogs, you can help your business stay competitive. Most companies now track the content released by their competitors.

You can follow blog feeds to see what others are putting up on their blog. This will help you develop the best strategy for your blog.

Also, you’ll be able to establish strong network advantages with similar businesses within your industry. By fostering such relationships, you can gain extra shared or linked blogs, exclusive invites to industry events, even total buyouts of businesses or companies.

7. Create a Flow of Trust

If a business attains an excellent level of trust, its reputation automatically spreads faster. By blogging more frequently and consistently, you can easily build trust for your business.

It is never an easy thing to establish trust quickly. However, the moment a reader finds a blog flowing with a unique value, they’ll naturally trust that business.

Over time, they will eventually become a customer, if possible, a lifetime one all because of a comprehensive flow of valuable content.

Final Words

The power of blogging for your business is near limitless. The benefits are huge regardless of where your customers are in the purchasing process.

When you begin to add blogging to your business strategy, you can try adopting some of the examples in this article.

Remember to track and measure your results while keeping older blogs renewed with the latest data and links.

With effective blogging, you will generate and nurture leads while attracting and engaging with new and existing customers.

When blogging is done the right way, your efforts may go as far as producing the most profitable results for your brand.

You should also remember to do some guest blogging on websites that are relevant to your niche. This will give an added boost to your content marketing efforts while giving your all of the advantages discussed above.

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