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Royal Mask-Up Lagos

On Friday, June 12, 2020, Vexceed Technologies Limited, a global digital engagement agency, executed the Royal Mask-Up Lagos CSR campaign on behalf of the Royal Electronics Group.

To implement a fitting response to the community and stakeholders during this challenging time of the coronavirus pandemic, Royal Electronics Group turned to Vexceed Technologies Limited, to manage the production of its corporate social responsibility programs for the fiscal year 2020.

To meet this expectation, Vexceed adopted a community engagement approach to design a CSR program that would positively impact the community where our client operates; and improve the business bottom line by achieving greater brand recognition for Royal Electronics among its Nigerian audience.

Thus, in collaboration with the team at Royal Electronics Group, Royal Mask-Up Lagos 2020 was born.

Royal Mask-Up Lagos is a relief and advocacy event to provide free face masks to low-income earners in Lagos state while deepening the awareness of the continued use of face masks to help curb the spread of the coronavirus in Nigeria’s most populous city. 

The event recorded a total of 40,000 impressions on social media on the first day.

A full-service managed technology solutions provider and digital engagement agency, Vexceed’s team of in-house professionals managed the ideation, planning, branding, execution, and promotion of the Royal Mask-Up Lagos project.

Ms. Mercy Eke, the influencer winner of Big Brother Naija 2019, who is also the brand ambassador for Royal Electronics Group, was enlisted to join the conversation, advocate our cause and generate even more publicity for the CSR campaign.

Royal Mask-Up Lagos achieved targeted national coverage by engaging the services of Business Day newspaper, a leading news publisher in Nigeria, to lend their pen to a worthy cause and gain nationwide publicity for the community engagement effort. Royal Mask-Up Lagos attained over 2 million cumulative impressions online and offline.

Furthermore, Royal Mask-Up Lagos successfully positioned Royal Electronics as a responsible corporate entity. Thus, as we say at Vexceed Technologies Limited, mission accomplished. 

This success yields the added benefits of greater brand recognition and customer loyalty. Organizations that embrace social responsibility enjoy a favorable reputation in their industry and gain a competitive advantage that positively impacts the business bottom line.

A fast-rising star in the digital engagements industry, Vexceed Technologies Limited is a world-class managed technology solutions provider and digital engagement agency with a strong presence in North America, Africa, and the Middle East.

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