Mobile Marketing Tactics To Help You Tap Into A 5.3bn User Market

Mobile Marketing Tactics To Help You Tap Into A 5.3bn User Market

Mobile Marketing Tactics To Help You Tap Into A 5.3bn User Market: A good mobile marketing plan may benefit organizations of all sizes and sectors. More than 90% of the world’s population owns a mobile phone, and more than 83.72% owns a smartphone. 

When it comes to internet connectivity, more than 70% of consumers utilize a mobile device, with certain locations reaching over 90%. 

Mobile-optimized marketing initiatives have distinct advantages. They’re inexpensive, simple to implement, and can blend in with your present marketing activities.

Text message marketing, for example, has extremely high open and click-through rates, and location-based mobile marketing offers a level of contextual relevance that few other marketing channels can match. Some mobile marketing strategies are listed below.

Creating A Website Design That Is Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

Your website, marketing content, and advertisements must all be mobile-friendly. That goes a step above simply being “mobile friendly,” and it entails having a highly responsive website that is optimized for mobile consumption.

For consumers surfing on their phones or any other mobile device, a mobile-optimized website provides an excellent client experience. It also boosts conversions and decreases bounce rates.

There are a variety of techniques to optimize your website, like employing mobile-specific platforms, HTML5, and making sure it’s adaptive and responsive. 

Your material should also be designed with mobile in mind, and should be simple to consume, scale, and load rapidly.

While this may be a little too technical for some, some excellent mobile marketing organizations can provide everything you need, including mobile web development and design, as well as innovative content creation.

Using opting-in and out Forms

It is best practice in digital marketing, particularly email marketing, to obtain permission from recipients and ensure that they have a method to opt out. It’s the same with mobile marketing!

Opt-in forms on your website, in emails, and in any other form of communication will give you permission to contact individuals while also helping you develop your email and SMS lists.

You can use a straightforward pop-up or something more elaborate, such as a lead-magnet offer that includes a free resource download in exchange for an email address or phone number.

Having an opt-out option is also important. People are more inclined to provide you their contact information if they are aware that they can opt-out. 

They’re also more likely to unsubscribe from your email or SMS lists on their own, saving you the trouble of doing it for them if they’re no longer interested.

Contact lists that are regularly purged have greater open rates and click-through rates, which boosts email reputation and deliverability.

Marketing using SMS/Text Message 

SMS marketing and text blasts are quite efficient when it comes to mobile marketing efforts. They’re extremely cost-effective, and even better, SMS has an open rate of about 100%!

Time-sensitive offers and creating a sense of urgency are terrific uses for text messages.

Tatango claims that 90 percent of marketing text messages are opened within three minutes, and 99 percent are opened within the first 20 minutes.

Include opt-ins and opt-outs, and utilize coupons to get the most out of your text/SMS marketing — digital discounts, such as a discount code or a link to a limited-time offer, are used more than coupons from any other marketing medium.

Putting Up Paid Ads On Social Media 

With 76 percent of users accessing social media via a mobile device, social media marketing has become a leading marketing channel. It’s also great for mobile marketing.

Incorporate social media ads into your social media and mobile marketing strategies, and conduct A/B tests to see which platforms perform best for your company.

Ads are a quick and easy approach to reach out to specific audiences with highly relevant offerings. They can also help you raise brand awareness and get followers on social media.

Dropping Visual Materials For Mobile Users

When combined with interactive visual material like GIFs and videos, mobile marketing methods are most effective. 

People demand easy-to-digest and interesting mobile information. On a small screen, no one wants to read endless pages of text. 

Almost all forms of digital marketing, particularly on social media, now include video marketing.

Video is particularly effective for product and service reviews and instructive content. When it comes to learning about a new product, nearly 75% of customers would rather watch a video than read a handbook.

Using video (and GIFs) in your mobile marketing and social media strategy boosts engagement, keeps viewers’ attention longer, and makes your content more memorable. 

It also makes it easier for your audience to digest and more engaging.

Optimizing Voice Search

It is expected that by now more than half of all households will have a voice smart speaker on their mobile phone, and this trend will continue to grow. 

This is significant for marketing because 43% of individuals who own a voice-enabled gadget use it to shop, according to Invoca

About 50 percent use voice search to explore things, 30 percent use it to make direct purchases, and the other 20 percent use it to reorder items.

Voice search is also used to find local restaurant, business, and service suggestions.

Generally, the majority of voice searches result in a phone call to the business they found, as well as website visits and in-store visits, making voice search a crucial driver of actual purchases rather than just traffic.

Customer Experience Enhancement Through In-App Support

Everything revolves around the customer experience. Customer retention will improve, repeat sales will grow, and customer lifetime value will increase if you provide excellent customer service, support, and an easy way to conduct business with you.

It will also boost the likelihood of customers recommending you to their friends and family, campaigning for you online, and sharing their positive experiences with your business on social media.

When it comes to mobile marketing techniques, you can leverage in-app messaging and assistance to improve each customer’s experience.

Live chat assistance on your website or on your company’s mobile app is a quick and easy way to communicate with your customers. 

Basically, being able to reach you and receive a rapid response and simple solution to their difficulties, makes it easier. 

Select and Prioritize the Most Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies

Your business model, as well as where and when you want to reach your audience, will determine the best combination of methods to deploy. 

Consider your marketing objectives and goals, and how mobile marketing might assist you in achieving them.

Also, examine your current marketing channels to determine where you can utilize mobile marketing to complement other channels, such as social media, or to fill in gaps, such as location-based marketing, to round out your entire marketing efforts. 

Furthermore, create good customer personality and determine when and where they use mobile devices, as well as how best to address their demands.

Account For Your Budget and Use Free or Low-cost Mobile Marketing Strategies.

Undoubtedly, one of the most appealing aspects of mobile marketing is its low cost. Make the most of it by opting for low-cost techniques like text message marketing or free strategies like unveiling your area on Google and other location-specific listings.

You should also use all of the data at your disposal to focus on personalisation and exact targeting in order to cut down on ad waste and boost your return on investment.

Incorporating costs and possible savings into your mobile marketing strategy will help you create a long-term strategy that maximizes your budget.


Finally, mobile marketing is an important aspect of digital marketing that should not be disregarded. It is low-cost, simple to integrate into your overall marketing approach, and quite powerful.

You may reach your target audience anywhere, at any time, with highly relevant, and tailored marketing content if you utilize the appropriate combination of mobile marketing methods and create a smart mobile marketing plan.

In this article, we’ve gone over some of the top mobile marketing tactics that will help you tap into a large user market.

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