The Best Content Marketing Tools in 2021

The Best Content Marketing Tools in 2021 – Popular blogs do not create and market themselves, they take the necessary steps to make that happen.

This is because there are thousands of blogs that create content but only very few can be noticed.

This is why content creators take extra steps to make their content noticed after taking steps to create them.

The process of creating awareness for your content is what is known as content marketing. Now let’s take a look at content marketing and what it entails.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a process through which creators can reach out to their target audience to engage them with valuable content and to find various ways to keep them engaged and focused on what you create.

Content marketing is all about promoting your content with techniques that your audience will find exciting enough to keep coming back to you for more. This is also one way of driving the right traffic to your blog.

Why You Need Content Marketing for your Business

When you have a business that fetches you money, the intention will be to create a community that will be centered around your product and engages you anytime you bring new ones.

This is what content marketing does for content creators. It points people towards what you create and keeps their interest rooted in the contents you will provide in the future.

 The Advantages of using Content Marketing
  • To market your content to the right audience.
  • To build a community that is centered around your product.
  • To create the perfect content that your audience craves.
  • To notice the pattern through which your audience demands your content.
  • To help people make the right decision.
  • To learn how to organize content and distribute it.
  • To study the activities of your content’s consumers.
  • To generate more traffic to the content you make.
  • Helps in sharing your content on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and others.
  • Aids in organizing and distributing your content.
  • Helps you to retain people’s interest in what you have to provide.
The Best 25 Content Marketing Tools in 2021
1. Semrush

Semrush is a content marketing tool that aids in optimizing your website for search engines. It was designed in 2008 and has over 7 million users globally. It’s one of the most popular SEO tools in the market. The product is very effective in helping you:

  • Creating the right content that will attract consumers.
  • Identify opportunities that will bring content consumers.
  • Helps you in manipulating certain sections of your content’s site to achieve a higher ranking for searches.

This means that Semrush will give you keyword suggestions that are trendy and will attract the most searches in a certain period. These keywords will be inserted into the blog posts in certain sections.

They are words that have the most probability of being a hot topic meaning that people will search for them during that period and any attempt by them to do so will position your blog among the top searches.

Semrush will also inform you whether a keyword you choose can be able to rank high for specific searches.

This offers you a perfect blueprint of how to structure your content to rank very high on search engines.

It also helps you to understand your position on the search engine rank scale including a domain analysis of your site or blog. Semrush is one of the best content marketing tools in the market.

2. Hubspot

Hubspot has started establishing itself as one of the top Content Marketing tools in the market. Hubspot aims at promoting small businesses.

They have a premium subscription for users with a handful of additional tools that will bring the best out of your business.

Hubspot is software with many packages that bring solutions you can use to manage the contents you create on your web pages.

It also helps you to manage your social media pages to amplify what you have to your potential consumers and then gives you a timely measure of your success and the engagement index of your target audience.

The software has its headquarters in Cambridge Massachusetts.

The unique thing about Hubspot is that before any other thing, they take out time to train their users about their marketing process and how they want it to work.

They put them through webinars that will point them to the right process of marketing. They also coach their users on marketing and business principles that will attract the right audience.

As mentioned before, Hubspot is into developing small businesses and they take their time to nurture them to reach their full potentials. Therefore, if you’re a small business owner, Hubspot is the perfect marketing tool for you.

3. Mediafly

Mediafly is the perfect example of the fact that the right guidance and mentorship will help you reach the highest level of goals.

The Mediafly interactive software is the one stop-gap solution that enables you to turn your content into that hotcake that consumers will be seeking after.

They help you with media tools that you can use to present your ideas in any format that you want, be it PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and many others.

All you need to do is to drop your content or writeup into the tools and they will set it up for you. The aim is to make it look presentable enough for consumers to peruse it.

Mediafly is the best marketing tool for creators that are into Entertainment, Media, High Tech firms, and even manufacturing companies.

They aid them with a technology that will aid their creative process and find suitable users that love their content, thereby driving sales.

Mediafly also gets involved in training their users to use their marketing tools and they create webinars and prerecorded videos on how to use media-related software and they’re available on all smart devices both Android OS and iOS.

They have features such as Media library, Animation, Offline presenting, Screen sharing, content management, and so many others. They’re one of the best one-on-one marketing tools in the market.

4. Canva

Are you looking for a tool that will help you market your graphic-related content? Then Canva is the right marketing tool for you.

Canva is online graphic design software for anyone who wants to develop graphic content but is not an expert in the field.

With Canva, even a grandma with little or no knowledge about graphic design can churn up quality products that users can be mazed about.

The software is one of the best in the market and the world at large. With Canva, all bets are off on the amount of content that you can create. You can produce invoices, cartoons, websites, and even infographics for your company.

They provide the type of template that you will use to make any type of content and it will sell like fire.

Canva is best suited for small businesses and startups, online entrepreneurs, marketers, and online drop shipping merchants.

Learning graphics is an important skill for graphic businesses but it will cost you a lot of time and money to actualize.

Photoshop is a very heavy software and it’s not the best for multitasking and others like illustrator may cost you more time to perfect.

Therefore, Canva gives you that faster route to achieve what you need to achieve as a graphics content creator. There are affordable versions of the software for $12.95 per month.

5. Google Trends

What is the trending thing in the world at the moment? This is the question that Google trends will present to their users as ammunition to bring the right amount of audience to what they create.

Google trends, just as the name suggests, is an analytical tool based on the google search engine that searches for the trending topics, keywords, videos, images, and other materials that users may be likely to peruse at any particular time.

The world of digital content is very competitive, therefore, getting ahead of your competitors is the best way to succeed.

The unique thing about Google trends is that it’s connected to one of the most popular search engines in the world, Google.

This means that it’s not short of the data that will enable it to get the right information that is relevant at any point in time.

Millions of users search for information on google every minute, therefore, google trends are not short of the right data that will aid any content creator to attract massive traffic to his webpage.

The UI is clean and straightforward to use and will inform you of the tight content that is suitable for any period.

This is an effective tool for bloggers and website owners who market their goods online.

6. Ahrefs Content Explorer

The struggle to deliver that attractive content that users will love is real and that is why Ahrefs content explorer is in the market to become best allies with content creators.

When you’re about to write about any content and you’re bereft of any ideas that will enable you to make a catchy article, just type in the keyword into the explorer, and then it will give you the performance index of that word and the top websites that have them.

To begin using this marketing tool, you have to focus on a particular niche that is useful to you.

Then from there, you can proceed to other broader topics and the content explorer will automatically use them to get the metrics that will suggest articles based on keywords that are on-trend.

You can then proceed to read the articles that have been brought forward by the search and then get a formal idea of what your article will look like.

Ahrefs content explorer will also analyze the performance of articles that has your niche. They will tell you how users have engaged with them and if they’re likely to attract better traffic to your website.

The Ahrefs content explorer also researches your competitors and informs you of the content that drives traffic to them. In conclusion, it’s a marketing tool that gives you an edge in your business.

7. Vidyard

Vidyard is a video creation tool for users that have contents that depend on video graphics and representation.

Do you need to create content that will demonstrate your ideas using videos both animated or otherwise?

This is what Vidyard does for content creators. With Vidyard, all you need to do is to drop the video that you have, then the packaged tools will do the rest within seconds.

Another quality that Vidyard comes with is the easy-to-use interface that even an amateur in the graphics game can be able to use effectively.

Once you’ve identified the content that you want to be included in your video, the rest is pretty much easy as you can use the video creation template to get a polished finished result that you would be proud of.

Vidyard has a chrome extension that you can use for this process. The tool will create an automatic link for your video as soon as it’s created.

This makes it easy for you to share your video through that link. If there’s any need for you to add any editing to your video, the Vidyard software will take care of it.

It’s a video content creator that will give any video creator an edge over their mates in the industry. We recommend this wonderful tool for such purposes.

8. Visually

Visually is a creative content marketing service that connects content business owners with the right individuals that will create quality content for you.

The creators are professionals that have track records for creating quality content. Therefore, the process is done through an online collaboration platform known and it follows a process.

The creators are properly vetted and chosen by the platform and they’re over a thousand plus members.

The talent pool will have vast knowledge on all manners of content that is not limited to a particular niche.

The level of content that you need will determine the experience and the reach of the creator that you will be assigned to.

This is to say those creators are ranked according to their ability to handle several projects.

Complex projects, company creatives, whitepapers, and even business correspondents are some of the works that Visually create for their customers and they have a wide reach.  

Also, they create content for all manners of businesses both small and medium and are not restricted by knowledge nor the volume of work that they can deliver.

Visually gets customers from professional media social spaces such as Bank, Nike, LinkedIn and so many others scattered all around the globe. It’s a vital marketing tool for quality content creators.

9. StoryChief

StoryChief is the perfect marketing tool for teams that are primarily involved in marketing. It is perfect for content creation agencies or people that run their business through content creation.

Let’s take for instance that you have a small team of talented people that are working to create a content agency, you would need a proper tool that will allow you to reach the required audience and then grow it into a community that will continually demand your products.

StoryChief will take care of the complex work that comes with managing all those departments and channels.

They work on the basis that arranging a content creation schedule can be slow when not properly managed.

To remedy this situation, StoryChief will take care of the repetitive tasks and processes that keep occurring when you’re managing a content section.

This will give the content creators the time to focus on other tasks which are making quality content.

In addition, StoryChief offers SEO content management tools which also include analytics, social media, and data management.

It’s not a complicated process and will offer you the added advantage of setting up your content in a way that will attract potential consumers or people that love them. It is an affordable tool that you can get for $12/month.

10. Pexels

Pexels is a marketing tool that motivates content creators by providing them with free and easily searchable stock photos.

These stock photos are created by the Pexel software and are properly tagged with the identity of the web pages that they’re creating for.

This means that as soon as you search for anything relating to the photo tags, they will immediately bring up the content that has the stock photo.

The Pexels platform already has thousands of stock photos in their database that they can readily use and they will add resolutions to them as required.

The photos are picked legally from those that have been uploaded by users and from other sites.

The images remain of high quality and will be available for users, fully licensed by Pexels, and will be added to the ones they have.

The pictures that will be available for free are the ones that are available on the database. Also, the photos are all of high quality with the best pixels that will make them clear on any content website that they’re added.

The Pexels photo tools are completely free to use and require no paid subscription.

11. Curata

This is content marketing that aids marketers to get quality revenues through content.

It works by optimizing the content supply chain through their template with an editorial calendar that looks into the ROI and analyzes online data which also analyzes the search engines for the right content that will drive traffic.

The marketing tool has curation software that will enable the marketers to find each good content daily, curate them and then analyze them in a way that will make them be easily found and perused.

This tool has been renowned to have helped reputable businesses and companies to get good content.

Small businesses and start-ups are the biggest winners when using the Curata software. It’s more like an unending content feeder that won’t stop feeding you until you stop.

Curata also provides you with content management, templates, SEO management, Editorial calendar, publish scheduling, and others.

Curata is a very effective tool that is good for content management. They also filter your articles once you’re done with them and adds the few juices that are left to complete them. It’s a good tool to have in your arsenal as a creator.

12. is a very good online collaboration tool that helps creators in organizing and reviewing their work.

It is not a tool you can use to manage your project, but it helps to gather all the information details in the form of a spreadsheet where the tasks of everyone have been listed.

It takes this information and creates a reminder for you or your team to work on them. The tasks are all highlighted and detailed for everyone to see what is expected for them to do.

Armed with this tool, every creator can now decide to either jump on any task or delegate it to another person or group to handle. has a very plain and easy interface that you can understand easily. It is not complicated and will equip you with the tools that allow your group to work effectively.

In addition, does not shy away from recommending other marketing tools that will help you to dispose of the work you’re doing at any point in time. Basically, it is every content manager’s dream.

13. ContentStudio  

ContentStudio is a social marketing tool that helps you create, monitor, and disseminate multiple quality content to social media.

This tool helps you to discover content from scratch in a way that will amaze you. Also, it comes with analytics, discovery, data management, publishing, planning, and automation features that helps marketing teams to work efficiently to produce the best content.

The software will help to find the trending thing in the web space and vet it through social media while making suggestions that can reuse that data into valuable content that will attract consumers.

This particular marketing tool is good for teams to collaborate and plan the very best content that will suit a specific targeted audience.

Another quality of ContentStudio is that when you use it, there’s never really anything like overused data.

The software will find better ways to recycle already used content to create original, juicy content that consumers will love as well.

It is suitable for small and established businesses that want to be delivering quality posts that can create healthy traffic.

14. SnapApp

SnapApp is an interactive platform for content creations that helps content creators to leverage more traffic from their content on social media and other web pages that they can use.

It also provides tools that will enable any user to create good content that consumers will love and that will ultimately attract traffic.

SnapApp is all about new strategies that are currently working in the market. Their trends are very important to them, hence the need for them to gain in-depth knowledge and insights into what’s trending.

It connects the content to marketing automated tools that will supply endless data based on what the business brand is all about.

SnapApp also leads functions such as those of brand awareness, diversification of content to suit what is happening in the society at the moment for creators to use in any situations that they find themselves.

They also promote integration with other automation software such as CRM platforms, solutions, and others.

To fully use SnapApp, you can use any of the subscriptions available which start from $1650 per month to up to $2400.

15. Placeit

This is a very good marketing tool that small businesses and startups will be so eager to lap up.

When you’re trying to open an online business and you have little or no idea on what to do to get the right customer to notice it without having any knowledge of graphics, video editing, and other stuff, Placeit is the best tool for you to use.

As an e-commerce merchant, you may find it very hard to manage all the responsibilities that come with organizing your products, finding the right package, finding the right branding, and even the perfect place to market.

Fortunately, Placeit can take care of all these logistics and more. It has so many templates on videos, graphic design templates, and even photos that you can download and then add to your database for content creation.

In addition, the content marketing tool also provides you with a logo that can make you stand out in a host of other similar businesses.

Let’s say you’re in the graphic design business and you print T-shirts, ideas can be lacking and all you can think of is how to get design ideas.

Placeit has all of this in stock for you and you can choose the ones you think will bring out your business identity and attract customers. Placeit is a paradise for business startups and small businesses.

16. GatherContent

If you have a content team that works with you daily, you will agree that organizing, assigning, planning, and getting the details for each content can be very exhausting for anybody.

This is why GatherContent is the right tool for any marketer that has a team that is working under them.

The marketing tool will suggest the steps that you have on your schedule and then point you to the right directions that you need to follow to make a productive output.

GatherContent is one software that enables you to take control of your content operations and deliver them efficiently.

The GatherContent package is all-in-one and is for content development. You can gather with your team and deliberate on the content that will be valuable for all your customers with guidelines to achieve all your goals.

It also helps you to gather the structure of your site in a manner that will look attractive to your potential clients.

It is going to be in the form of a template that you need to choose the one you like. Also, the tool includes clients in the content creation process which speeds up the entire process. GatherContent is subscribed at $99 per month.

17. Trello

For content creators that like a non-complex and user-friendly app that will help them to manage their content creation team, you can never do any better than Trello.

The management style for this app is such that you do not need to lift your hand to do anything other than to drop your management details onto its template.

This will aid everyone on the team to get a full grasp of what is demanded by the client and then proceed to deliver befitting content that would do justice to that.

One very compelling feature about Trello is that it’s easy for you to use and you can get started as quickly as possible.

Generally, Trello is good but it’s not for other complex processes that will demand much more complicated steps to manage them effectively.

This means that Trello will be very effective for simple projects which will deliver contents that will benefit the team in no time.

18. Wipster

Wipster is one of the best video workflow platforms in the world. It’s so good that even reputable companies are not left out of their patronage.

It gives you a fully comprehensive video review, approval, collaboration, publishing, and even analytics.

This will be a valuable feature for content creators and their team to deliver the best video content that consumers will love in little time.

Wipster has years of experience under its belt and is never short of ideas that it can add to its videos.

Big companies that have employed Wipster in the past include VISA, Apple, Dell, and others. This is to show you that they’re not just managing as a social marketing tool.

They are suitable for large corporations, big enterprises who are sharks in the business, media companies, and agencies who thrive at using video to create quality content that users can engage.

They are available for smart devices like Windows, Android, and iOS.

19. InVision

InVision is a multi-purpose content planning tool that will be best suited for everyone both creators, marketers, recruiters, promoters, and every other team member.

It finds its application in every case that you find yourself with your team. You can be in a meeting with clients, brainstorming with professionals, and even taking charge of a meeting, InVision will take care of all.

It’s a valuable tool for most business enterprises that value the organization of processes rather than the long periods of planning work schedules and other minor details.

Basically, this means that users of this marketing tool can freestyle within their roles and then deliver the best content at the same time.

InVision is not restricted to anyone and can serve you as long as you need data management, which can be of any type be it as a single entrepreneur or as a freelancer working for another company.

To use the InVision products, you will have to subscribe at a starting fee of $15.00.

20. Noisli

As a creator, you can always get overwhelmed when you’re working on any project even as a team.

This is where the Noisli platform comes in. It gives you relaxing sound clips that can induce productivity in a way that will reduce stress.

The tracks will mimic different sounds such as water, fire, drums, a fan and so many other customized noises.

This will ultimately lead you to focus yourself on the task ahead and it’s a production output tool that can drive any creator to quality content outputs.

With Noisli, you can choose the different mix of sounds that you can create to drive more focus and keep your thinking as sharp as they need to be at all times.

The tool also comes with a curated playlist that you can edit to your choice. All you need is to make your sounds using the editor tools you have available to you.

21. Grammarly

Grammarly is a social marketing tool that helps content creators to proofread their content when they’re done writing them.

Grammarly was designed to know that despite being a professional, you can still make errors and other human-related mistakes.

Thus, what Grammarly does is that it proofreads your content for you, and then makes suggestions that will be valuable to make them succinctly clear.

This means that any reader that will read it will be glued and be prompted to come back for more.

Grammarly is not a small-time player in the content business, they are a brand that boasts up to 10 million users globally.

This is mostly because people find the kind of services, they offer invaluable and priceless. For instance, a writer can write to several types of audiences and these audiences will demand different language specifications from you.

For example, you can decide to sound formal but you cannot maintain that formality when you’re writing for a fun blog.

This means that you may have to switch your language to an informal one. This may be tedious for any writer that isn’t versatile.

This is where Grammarly can help you overcome enabling you to write quality articles with a different tone in very little time interval.

Grammarly is also the primary basic tool you can use to check for the spellings, tenses, and punctuations of any word you’re using.

It makes your work to be crisply clear and understandable for any reader to see. Writers, bloggers, content marketers and copywriters, business writers, and professionals who are into report writing are some of the biggest users of the Grammarly app.

It not only saves you time but also money that you would have spent in hiring an editor or a grammar checker.

This means that you can be your grammar checker without any external help. Therefore, for any writer that values accurate writing that consumers can easily read and understand, getting Grammarly is very crucial.

Grammarly has a free version with an extension that helps you to check your grammar and other stuffs but you can do much better by getting their premium paid version because it offers a full package for your content.

To subscribe to Grammarly premium, it’s $79.99 per year.

22. WordCount Tools

WordCount Tools is an application that helps a content creator to provide an extensive report about the words and characters that are contained in a creative content writeup.

The tool is not concerned about the number of available words but with other things such as readability, keyword density, case change, and others to improve writing productivity.

The main aim why WordCount Tools is very important for any creator is that it promotes the creation of content that any consumer can understand and read easily.

In addition, it also attaches the keyword analysis which determines the search probability index of your content. It’s a must-have tool for any creator.

23. Percolat

Percolate is a powerful social marketing tool that enables marketing teams to get a view into the process of marketing and improve the coordination of their work which will allow them to build the right market campaign that will drive impact.

This is a tool that some of the world’s renowned enterprises can use to drive their customer and buyer experience.

It helps them to know what a buyer expects from what they have to offer and to find many more ways to improve on them.

Some of the high-profile companies using Percolate include VMware, UPS, Eaton, Rockwell Automation and, many others.

24. Ulysses

Ulysses is a writer’s dream app that helps him to portray his content without having to be stuck in a dish.

The interface of Ulysses is the winner of this process because it keeps you focused on the subject topic, enabling you to think for yourself.

The interface is distraction-free and will free your mind from every other doubt that will distract you while giving you the laser focus that you desire.

Another thing that drives writers insane is the tools that Ulysses has in store for them. It gives you the right support that you need without you stressing your brain when it’s time to think out your contents.

The only downside of Ulysses is that it’s not available on other smart devices other than Apple but it’s an awesome app for any writer.


Having a business that centers around content creation is a tedious task for any experienced writer.

This is why these marketing tools will come in handy for effective content that will engage consumers to be created. We recommend that content hubs should get their hands on as many of them as possible.

This is the key to building a good and healthy community relationship with a target audience.

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