5 Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads

5 Tips to Increase Mobile App Downloads

Both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store have nearly 4 million apps available for download. Each day, more apps become available on the market. That’s why it is important, now more than ever for small businesses to prepare marketing strategies tailored to increase their mobile app downloads.

These apps are spread through different categories so users have almost limitless options to choose from such as entertainment, mobile shopping, productivity, health, finances, and other services.

This article discusses 5 tips you can use to boost downloads for your mobile apps.

1. Have an attractively designed app icon

Consumers are mostly driven by what they see. Thus, your app icon needs to be vibrant and memorable. Because it is the first thing that a potential customer sees in the app store, you’ll have to invest more in making the flyer, logo, and app itself, visually appealing.

Also, your app icon must be recognizable and should be a clear representation of both your brand and the app’s function, generally. Your icon needs to give users a brief visual description of what your app does and the user experience they can anticipate.

2. Invest in app store optimization

Although many digital marketers are aware of search engine optimization (SEO), mobile app creators who are hungry for downloads will need to focus on app store optimization (ASO).

In truth, both SEO and ASO are similar. However, the latter is specifically focused on increasing the visibility of your app (when searched for) in the marketplace. So, in terms of ASO, be sure to consider:

I. Keyword relevance

Just as in SEO, it is equally very important to optimize the keywords you use in your app’s title and description. You can use Google Ads keyword planner or other similar tools to identify the app terms relevant to your app.

II. App Category

Before submitting your app to an app store, be sure to choose the app’s category wisely. Ensure that you select a relevant category that isn’t overly saturated.

III. Location

Who’s your target audience and where are they located? You should tailor your app description for the areas where your target audience is located.

This might essentially mean translating your app store description into a language different from your native tongue.

You should also consider choosing images that are appropriate and relevant to those regions.

IV. Social media presence

How popular your mobile app is on social media can affect its ranking on app store search results. Be sure to create a new social handle for your app or have the app incorporated into your company’s social media posts.

V. App download and uses

Your app’s overall ranking will be impacted based on how many people download and use it.

Thus, it ranks higher when more people download it and ranks lower when people uninstall it from their devices. To avoid this, try to engage with your app users regularly.

VI. Reviews

Reviews play a crucial role in how high your app ranks. With each positive review, your app gets, it ranks higher. Thus, the more positive reviews your mobile app gets, the more your mobile app downloads will naturally increase in number.

You can prompt in-app reviews at key moments to help boost your reviews. However, avoid soliciting positive reviews. It never ends well.

3. Set up a website and blog

One of the most effective ways of increasing mobile app downloads is by setting up a website and a blog. Digital marketing experts agree that mobile app marketing should be expanded beyond the app store.

What better way to do this than by launching a website and linking your app to it? Generally, the first place people go to search for stuff they need is the web. Thus, you’ll be missing out on potential downloads if your app isn’t linked to a website online.

The website also has to be SEO-optimized and you should consider expanding on the information provided in your app store listing. Also, put up periodic blog posts on the website showcasing the different uses for your app.

It will greatly help in catching the attention of people searching for topics directly or indirectly related to your services.

4. Produce a demo video

No matter how descriptive you explain what your app does, not everyone will understand it. But that’s alright; you can always help your potential customers understand your app better by producing a demo video.

A simple 30-second video is all you need to bring your platform to life for those who want to understand all your app is about. When making the video, remember to be more emphatic on the app’s usability and its key features.

You can even highlight what makes it better than your competitors’. As soon as you’re done producing your video, have it shared on your website as well as your social media handles.

Not only will this help potential users understand better, but it will also impact the website’s visibility on search engine results and potentially improve the number of downloads. Remember to also add the video to your app store listing.

5. Leverage social media

Social media alone has over 3 billion users worldwide. Thus, you’ll be on the right path to getting more downloads for your app if you decide to promote your app on any of the popular social media platforms.

As reported by Mobile App Daily, more than 70% of businesses online leverage social media for their mobile app marketing. That means you should consider doing the same if you haven’t thought about it.

Your foray into social media should begin with identifying your audience first. Facebook and Instagram are best for attracting individual consumers who have certain interests similar to the products and services your app offers.

However, if you are targeting other businesses or industry professionals, then LinkedIn and Twitter will be great for promoting your app. You can proceed by engaging in the following promotions below:

I. Create hash tagged social media campaigns to kickstart a prelaunch buzz, increase brand awareness, or introduce new and improved features of the app.

II. Combine a mix of promoted posts and sponsored stories targeted to mobile news feeds through Facebook.

III. Utilize promoted tweets via Twitter to ramp up mobile app downloads.

I.V Engage people to try out your app using contests.

V. Initiate the promotion of user-generated content to highlight the value of your app.

VI. Leverage platforms such as Reddit and Quora to establish yourself as a niche authority.

VII. Try out influencer marketing on platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram.


Consumers are naturally driven to search for solutions to whatever ails them including digital solutions. In order to increase mobile app downloads, our job is to make sure your app is the one they believe will solve their problem.

The mobile app marketing tips in this article will surely help to increase your mobile app downloads and position your brand at the top of the pile. If you just can’t seem to wrap your head around how to start marketing your mobile app, why not let the professionals help out?

An online marketing agency can assist you in your mobile app marketing efforts today. Vexceed Technologies is the best digital marketing agency in Lagos, Nigeria, offering excellent service delivery in terms of digital solutions for businesses.

Reach out to us today and let’s get started.

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