5 Golden Email Marketing Rules for Success

5 Golden Email Marketing Rules for Success

Lots of people have the wrong idea when it comes to email marketing. Many business owners fear they’ll only be spamming their customers and leads (since they also have been victims of spam emails themselves), as they totally ignore email marketing golden rules for success.

These fears are quite natural, to be honest. Some unintelligent marketers have abused the email marketing medium. These dimwitted individuals purchase email addresses from willing vendors and just spam away with their email blast. 

However, when managed professionally, email marketing is still one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. The major goal of your email marketing campaign should be nurturing prospects into clients.

So, follow these 5 golden rules and you just might be on your way to one of your most successful email marketing campaigns.

1. Send emails ONLY to people who subscribed or freely gave their email addresses in exchange for a download or an offer. These prospects already have a little form of relationship with you and as such, would be more at ease when they receive your email.

It is highly unprofessional and downright rude to purchase email addresses and then send them via email blasts. It’s not so different from going out to meet a total stranger and forcing them to eat what they didn’t crave or ask for.

2. Lower the rate at which you send out emails. Okay, even if you were to accept that food from a stranger, you’d find it pretty offensive if they kept shoving it into your mouth, morsel after morsel.

Same thing with emails. You aren’t supposed to flood your subscribers with emails every day just because they chose to subscribe to your offer or brand. Companies with the best email marketing success have been known for spacing out the timing of their emails.

3. What exactly does your email solve? If you’re only focused on selling and more selling, you’ll bore your subscribers, and most will opt out of your list out of disgust.

Try to offer more real-life solutions to your subscribers rather than just begging them to buy your product or service.

For instance, if you sell smartphones, how about sending them an email on how they can preserve the battery life of their devices?

4. Send emails that are directly relevant to your target audience. There’s basically no point in sending an email about how to become a professional footballer to a 70-year old man.

Indeed, the information in the email might solve an imbroglio, however, the chances of a 70-year old man needing such information are incredibly low.

That’s just another reason why you shouldn’t think of purchasing email addresses as you have no idea whose email address you’re even getting.

5. Have an email sequence that aligns with your marketing funnel. Don’t just pick out random email topics and disperse just because the information therein is relevant.

First, create a marketing funnel and have the emails sent in sequential order. When done correctly, you’ll be able to guide the recipients to take your desired action.

Your email marketing should be planned out in a unique strategy such that each email is working with the next one to achieve an overall objective. If you apply it professionally and align it with your marketing funnel, email marketing can generate endless leads for your firms.

Are you applying these email marketing rules for success? Do you need help crushing your email marketing goals?

You can contact us today and let us help you to connect with prospects in a professional manner using email marketing. 

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