4 Signs Your Social Media Strategy isn’t Working

4 Signs Your Social Media Strategy isn’t Working

Honestly, building a loyal and engaging social media audience is tough yet, still the dream of many businesses. However, what happens when you invest so much effort required in building an effective social media strategy and yet still fail to get the desired results?

Below are 4 ways you can tell your social media strategy isn’t working with suggested solutions:
1. Your Audience Stopped Growing

What’s a brand without a growing following? Definitely, you’ll be expecting your social media marketing efforts to yield a steady following to the point where people who love your brand now recommend it to their family and friends.

Getting your number of followings up can be a great social media strategy, however, it will all be for naught if they aren’t active.

So, driving up followers and getting them engaged is a must. But if your community of followers or fans aren’t increasing then something is terribly wrong somewhere.


Try using organic posts or paid ads to reach people who match your ideal audience. You should also try to interact with their content so they will notice you. Try not to stalk them though.

2. Engagement Rate is Low

Your brand should be able to connect deeply to your ideal target audience such that you’ll instantly understand them and can predict their needs in real-time.

This way, your content creation strategy becomes directly relevant and matches every step of your audience’s journey to conversions.

However, if you fail to connect with your audience, your content becomes, predictably, boring and irrelevant. Thus, your audience is less motivated to engage with it.


Try to understand exactly what your audience needs at certain points in time and tweak your strategy accordingly. Once you discover what the audience needs, put up content that strikes a chord and spark an emotion in the audience that will draw them to engage and even share the content willingly.

3. The Wrong Audience is Engaging your Content

When you make a post on social media, you do so with the intent of reaching a certain target audience in mind. Basically, you want it to reach people who will be interested enough to interact with your content positively.

However, if a large part of the engagement you’re getting is from bots who leave spam comments and likes on your post or the people interacting with your content and getting in touch with you aren’t exactly your ideal target audience, then there’s a wrench in the gears of your marketing strategy.

It is possible you’re targeting the wrong audience by mistake (perhaps, by using the wrong hashtags) or your brand isn’t coming across clearly. Your content may also be too generic or bland and lacking in value.


Be straightforward and clearly define your audience. If you’re not sure what audience to target, then take a peek at your competitors’ social media pages to see the caliber of people following and interacting with their posts.

Also, understand the goals you aim to achieve with each piece of content and make them more specific and practical. In addition, post with a purpose. Address common pain points of your audience while informing and educating them.

4. You Launch Social Media Contests and Promos to the Wrong Audience

Sometimes, in a bid to rapidly increase the reach of our brand and social media pages, we engage in contests and giveaways. But when no one else bothers to participate except your family, friends, and even members of your staff at work, then there’s a problem.

To successfully pull off contests and promos, you’ll need a sizeable and engaged audience who love your brand enough to invite their friends to join them in contests for a chance to win your product or service.


Social media ads. Run your contests and boost them using social media ads. Also, you may also try to tweak the contest or giveaway a bit to pull in engagements. If the rewards are considered “not worth it”, nobody will participate.


When done professionally, social media is another effective way to build your brand. You can basically create an army of loyalists in your social media community. To achieve this, you’ll need a proper digital strategy.

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